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Crystal Wave, first wave pool in Nueva Ecija

Posted on: May 2, 2010

May 1 is Labor Day and a regular holiday. Since it falls on a Saturday, Monday or May 3 was declared as holiday. We took advantage of the ‘long weekend’ as it gives us time for bonding. That’s the difficultly when you have a large family, we have to find a time where everyone is available. Anyway, we went to see a new resort here in Nueva Ecija. It’s called CRYSTAL WAVE and located in Talavera. It’s very accessible as the entrance is along the national highway. The resort is new, they had a soft opening, if I remember it correctly, last 28March.

The place is awesome! They have a nice pool and a small Jacuzzi where kids and babies can play. The main attraction of the place is the wave effect on the big pool which happens every hour. I swear, the wave is so realistic you can actually feel that you were in a beach.  There is also a small Jacuzzi pool where small children can play. Raine loves swimming in the Jacuzzi pool, he stayed there for almost an hour.

Since the place is new, facilities are clean and in order. Statues of superheroes like IronMan, Hulk, Superman, and Spiderman can be seen at the entrance. While the pool is surrounded by statues of Snow white and her dwarves, animals like crocodile, tiger, and even a dinosaur. But be ready to pay a price – entrance is 250pesos and cottage prices ranges from 1000-2000pesos. And by the way, any kind of bottle, knives or sharp objects are not allowed inside. They will confiscate it at the entrance so don’t dare bring any of it.

Look at the pictures and visit them in Talavera, Nueva Ecija.


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